Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation helps you to shape the body proportion you desire. It can be achieved by implant insertion, fat grafting method or a combination of both. After a thorough consulting session to better understand your preferences, and assess the size and shape of your chest and tummy, a tailor-made treatment is designed for and advised to you.
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What is implant breast augmentation?

A suitable breast implant will be chosen according to your preference on the cup size, shape (round or water drop), and texture of your breasts. We employ 3D simulation technology to visualise your individual surgical outcome during the consulting session. A suitable insertion site (inframammary fold/periareolar/axilla) will also be identified. Surgery will be done as a day procedure under strict sterile conditions. Additional fat grafting might be suggested for a more natural result.

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Why implant breast augmentation?

It is ideal for patients who wish to see immediate visible results. This method guarantees a high flexibility of breast shape to meet your expectations and a rapid recovery as it minimises the amount of fat graft extraction from other part of your body.

Are implants permanent? Do I need to replace them regularly?

Although implant is a durable medical device, it is not designed to last for a lifetime. Your doctor may advise you to replace your old implants under certain conditions, including but not limited to capsular contracture and implant leakage.

Are implants safe to be inserted into my body?

We only use implants from US FDA approved implant brands with a variety of shapes and textures. Currently no study shows that there is a positive correlation between implants and the risk of breast cancer.

I prefer a more natural breast shape. How to identify the suitable size of my breasts? How will my doctor chooses the right sized implants for me?

Your doctor will measure your chest wall width and determine the maximum permissible diameter. 3D simulation using your personalised model is employed during the consulting session to better estimate the result. During the actual procedure, your doctor will use a disposable sizer to gauge the most suitable and natural-looking implant size for you.

What is BIA-ALCL?

Breast implant associated with anaplastic large cell lymphoma (or BIA-ALCL) is a very rare condition specific to textured breast implants. Most anatomical shape implants are textured. For your safety and better results, we have shifted to use round smooth implants for augmentation in the recent years.

I am worried the shape of my breasts will turn out unnatural if i want a fuller size, what can i do?

Several precautions can be made to prevent an unnatural breast implant shape. The plane of implant placement can be optimised. One option is to place the implant in a “dual-plane” fashion. This increases the soft tissue coverage and also optimises the implant-soft tissue relationship to give a more natural shape. In addition, autologous fat transfer can be used to smoothen out the harsh edges of the implant silhouette.

What is non implant breast augmentation?

Excess fat tissues from other body parts are extracted and translocated to your breasts using manual extraction technique. Fine injections are made very slowly with tiny needles to make sure fat layers are fine and well located. Injection sites are carefully selected to create the best visual results including size boost and cleavage.

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Why non implant breast augmentation?

Resultant breasts embody a natural texture without any visible scar. This procedure simultaneously improves other body parts with excess fat deposits and avoids any rare implant issues. The recovery time may be longer compared to implant breast augmentation due to fat extraction on multiple body sites. It may not be suitable for very petite women or those who desire a significant increase in cup size.

Who are contraindicated for breast augmentation by fat grafting?

Smokers or patients who are constantly exposed to heavy second-hand smoke.​
Patients who have very limited fat donor sites.​
Patients with diagnosed breast diseases. We will arrange a pre-operative breast screening for all patients before the treatment.

Will fat re-absorption occur?

A small degree of resorption occurs. However this is minimised by the manual extraction techniques that we use.

Can I use fat grafting technique to correct sagging breasts due to ageing or pregnancy?

No, fat grafting method is not applicable in these cases. Talk to us and let us assess your situation in detail to offer you your tailored treatment plan.

I want natural breasts. Can I use autologous fat exclusively?

Fat is a substance which naturally stores in your body, and autologous fat transfer is useful to move fat from one body part to another. However, its result depends on many factors. Some of the most important ones are:

i. availability of fat stores; and
ii. recipient site condition (i.e. ability to accommodate the desired volume of fat).

At LBC, we transfer fat tissues meticulously in droplet fashion on well-defined planes to best ensure fat graft viability.

What are the side effects related to autologous fat harvest?

Side effects like bruising, temporary discomfort and mild wound pain are all common among patients who have undergone liposuction with autologous fat harvest. Most of these symptoms are temporary and will be resolved in 2-3 weeks.

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