Scar Revision

Scar revision surgery employs plastic surgery techniques to minimise the visual impact or improve the appearance of the scars, and potentially enhance your self-confidence.
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What is scar revision?

Various modalities may be used during scar revision, including scar excision, shifting of nearby tissues (local flaps), re-fashioning and re-orienting the direction of scar, fat grafting, LASER therapy and intralesional steroid injection. Our specialist plastic surgeon will carry out careful assessment and tailor specific treatment depending on your situation.

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Why scar revision?

Trauma, surgery or infection may results in scar formation. Scar healing varies with the age, race, surgical condition and hypertrophic scar tendency of the patient. Unfavourable scars may be wide, raised, depressed, or overly pigmented. In serious cases, they may have significant impact on the appearance of the patient which cause unnecessary attention.


Change in skin colour (darker or lighter) might occur. The intensity of which is affected by age, race, the level of sunlight exposure and your skin conditions. Our plastic surgeon will give you a thorough assessment and consulting session before the treatment.

Is the result permanent?

Yes. In certain scenarios, keloid scar might recur. We will offer you extra tailored treatment if it happens.

I’ve suffered a bad cut on my face, when is the best time to repair it?

If the injury is life-threatening, please seek immediate medical assistance. Generally, wounds should ideally be repaired straight away. The longer the interval between the injury and the revision treatment, the more serious the swelling in the tissue will be caused, which impedes the healing process and the repair of the wound. Prolonged course of healing contributes to a poorer quality of scar.

Can I apply scar creams or tapes instead of getting an operation?

It depends on your scar situation. If there are too many unfavourable factors resulting in a poor scar, such as
i) inaccurate opposition of tissue layers,
ii) lack of appropriate debridement of unhealthy tissue,
iii) presence of infection or
iv) prolonged course of healing, a simple use of scar creams or tapes may not be adequate to revise a good appearance of scar.
Each case must be handled on an individual basis.

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